Innovation in custom-built equipment

The various US patents awarded to Principals of Mafna are a testimony to the ingenuity of Mafna’s engineering team. Each of Mafna’s design and layout of custom-built equipment is premised on significant but proven innovation and creativity; a majority of theses patents are enabled.

Mafna’s customers benefit by strong aptitude and commitment towards incorporating new technologies, including computational fluid dynamics and 3D technologies in critical engineering and design applications.

MAFNA’s engineering team has a strong background in the application of aero-acoustics and aero-dynamic principles to air handling solutions.

Mafna leads the way in North America by pioneering important technological innovations, including custom built active chilled beam units and custom built fume exhaust heat recovery units.

We are committed to assisting our team of national and international representatives and engineers with solid design, engineering and manufacturing backup.