About Us

Committed to Quality and Innovation

Pharmaceuticals, hospitals, universities, schools, arenas, theaters, museums, libraries, airports, waste water treatment plant and a host of other industrial and commercial applications, Mafna offers widest range of smartly engineered innovative air handling solutions for all of these segments.

With extensive knowledge and experience in heating, ventilation and air conditioning, Mafna has provided the highest level of engineering, design and custom manufacturing services in the North American HVAC industry.

Since its inception, Mafna has demonstrated exemplary growth and is now represented in major centers in Canada and the United States via an extensive team of representatives. Our reputation for quality, dependability and flexibility in design and custom manufacturing has enabled Mafna to become well entrenched as a leader in custom air handling units.

Ongoing research, continuous investment in training and development of our engineers has produced many innovative solutions in air handling products, thereby raising productivity, quality and comfort. Mafna is committed to assisting our network of representatives and engineers with solid design, engineering and custom manufacturing backup.

With an infinite product line crafted to match your project requirements, "We give what you need not what we have."