HealAir – A Portable Air Sanitizing System

HealAir delivers healthy air by killing pathogens including bacteria and viruses like HIN1, Human Corona Viruses as well as HAI-causing pathogens like C. difficile, MRSA, VRE and CRE, & capturing microscopic particles.

Product Highlights

  • The most effective air sterilization system
  • High airborne disinfection rate
  • True HEPA grade 99.99% air purification
  • Germicidal grade sterilization
  • Light-weight & mobile design
  • Antimicrobial casing
  • Zero by-pass design
  • Easily be converted in to a negative pressure system
  • The sanitized air can be exhausted outside or another location inside the building

HealAir is suitable for fast paced health care environments, offices, places of worship, airports, schools and every other indoor public places.

For more information please contact us at sales@mafna.com or +1 519-624-4622

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